Investment / Finance / Pricing

Your luxury life at Scarisbrick starts at very affordable rates for a studio apartment, increasing for a premium Penthouse.

Scarisbrick Apartments can also be purchased for immediate occupancy or as a long-term investment if you don’t wish to live there just yet. Your Apartment can be placed in our Leasing pool for short-term or long-term rental by us for others to occupy until you need it, for other Scarisbrick International Exchange visits, or for our live-in Programs for specialised Conferences (Anti-Ageing, Internal Cleansing etc.) or for Medical Tourism Clients. You will receive a payment for each use of your Apartment.

A low monthly fee covers all service and maintenance costs, (including 2 hours of free medical care per month, which accrues over 2 years) and all social and activity programs.


The following services and facilities will be provided by Scarisbrick International

Price included in property sale & purchase price:

1) Leasehold title
2) High Quality Luxury apartment with furnishings and fit-outs including:
a) High quality joinery and appliances to the kitchen, and bathrooms
b) High quality Fittings, Furnishings and Equipment
c) 24/7 Push button call services in each apartment for Personal Assistant, Dining, Wellness Spa services (massage, Beauty treatments etc.) Butler, Housekeeping, Laundry and Paramedical needs (Nurse & Carer attendance).(Services charged on a usage basis)
3) 24/7 In-apartment Care Services including a free monthly allocation of 5 hours per month accruable for 2 years on payment of monthly management fees
4) 24/7 Reception
5) 24/7 Concierge Services
6) Restaurant use – 10% discount off regular price
7) Spa Services including Organized Seminars (Anti-Ageing, Anti-Cancer, Internal Cleansing etc.) -10% discount off regular price – free monthly allocation of 1 hour per week
8) Membership to Scarisbrick Elite Club – Private Lounge, Private Cinema, Private Activities Lounge, medical/Spa/restaurant/affiliated services (salons, transport, etc.) discounts
9) Paramedical Centre & Clinic
10) 24/7 Security
11) Community Centre activities (singing, dancing, aerobics, Mahjong, art classes, religious activities, meditation, yoga)
12) Sports and recreation services (Gym, swimming pool, beach volleyball)
13) Serviced Office Facilities with Secretarial services
14) Organised trips and functions
15) Valet bus and individual transport services for shopping and medical appointments
16) Connection services to Nursing Home and Hospital facilities
17) Reciprocal rights at each Scarisbrick Resort worldwide

Not included in property sale & purchase price:

a) Individual Medical calls
b) Individual Spa services (massage, treatments etc.)
c) In-room Nursing over and above free monthly allocation
d) Meals and services from Dining & Restaurant
e). Serviced Office Facilities with Secretarial services
f) Metered Services:
I) Telephone
II) Gas and electricity
III) Household contents insurance
IV) WiFi & Internet services
V) Personal Insurance

2) Monthly Membership fees to the Scarisbrick Elite Club
a) Each Purchaser will be required to pay a monthly Maintenance Fee to the Management Company to cover such costs as:
i) managing the Resort, including staff salaries
ii) maintaining the facilities and common areas available to all residents, such as
gardens and recreational facilities
iii) providing additional services available to all residents, such as emergency call system monitoring.
iv) 10% will go to the Long -Term Maintenance Fund
v) 10% will be kept in a separate Management Operations Fund to ensure on-going provision of services
vi) Capital replacement costs
vii) Insurance cover for common property
b) The Monthly maintenance fee will be adjusted annually in accordance with the
published Consumer Price Index as issued by the Government’s appropriate Department
c) The Monthly Fee may also be increased due to the factors set out below:
(1) increases in salaries or wages paid in accordance with an award
(2) an increase in any taxes and charges relating to the Resort land or its use imposed by law
d) The Monthly Fee is payable until the Residence is sold at the end of the tenure.

Contact us below and we can take you through all the costs and benefits of a Scarisbrick Residence.