Subic Bay Resort

Luzon Island. The Philippines

Welcome to your very own tropical paradise

Stunning beaches, a sanctuary for nature and wildlife, opportunities for countless adventures, and delightful food, both local and from around the world.

Subic Bay is the idyllic paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

Located just 100km from Manila, and just 5km from the Subic Bay International Airport, Scarisbrick Subic Bay offers a 6-star lifestyle in a delightful natural environment.

Filipino people are joyous and welcoming, with Forbes magazine rating the Philippines as the No. 1 friendliest country in Asia, and one of the friendliest countries in the world!

Your Scarisbrick home in Subic Bay comes with a Philippines Government Lifetime Retiree’s visa (subject to usual approval by Authorities – Police Check etc., allowing indefinite stay with multiple entry/exit privileges, entitlement to PHILHEALTH benefits and privileges – see and your own prestige private apartment, with world class facilities at hand, and delightful staff.

Scarisbrick Subic Bay has to be one of the greatest places in the world to sit back, relax, be pampered  and enjoy the rewards of your years of hard work.

Early Bird Special Pricing.
Available for contracts signed prior to August 31.

Architectural concepts only

Residence Features

Each Residence can be purchased either fully furnished, or as a “blank canvas” for your own design thoughts to be custom designed for you by our consultant designers from our extensive range of furniture and fittings. Each resident has access to our Service Application, which connects directly to our Control Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Butler, Security, In-room Dining, Housekeeping, Laundry, Beauty and Spa treatments as well as our nursing support team. Scarisbrick International is also a Gold Member of the Ageing Asia Innovation Forum.
Based in Singapore for 11 years, Ageing Asia’s prestigious organization is dedicated to curating and showcasing the world’s most creative and innovative ideas in Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Living. (see

Angels Care Centre

Our Angels Care Nursing and Care Centre is located in the Resort and is available 24 hours a day. Whether it is for a routine check-up, a specific issue, or an unforeseen situation, the Angels Care Team is just minutes away.

A key part of the Scarisbrick luxury experience is to ensure that you are in the safest hands possible. In the unfortunate case of a medical emergency, the first responders from our Angels Care team can be at your apartment in minutes. In the event of a severe medical situation, a fully equipped Medivac Ambulance is permanently on stand-by in the building and can take you directly to the Subic Bay Unihealth Baypoint Hospital, The Medical Centre at Clark or even Makati Medical Centre – you will be safely transported in our Medivac Ambulance with our fully qualified Nurses

Your Angels Care Medical “Safety Net”

Every Resident receives a full Medical examination on purchase of our Residence at no cost. Scarisbrick International then prepares a Medical Management Plan so that we BOTH know what to look out for in your best interests going forward with us should the need arise.

You may never need it, but the care and medical assistance is there just in case, as your lifestyle requires.

Angels Care operates the Health Care clinic as well as 24/7 push button attendance to every Residence in every Scarisbrick International Resort, and is dedicated to supporting you should you need it.

We can care for, and support, residents as they recover from illness or recent surgery, experience life changing circumstances through disability or infirmity, or simply require monitoring of, or assistance with, the activities of daily living.

Angels Care staff are experienced and qualified professionals, trained to international standards of best practice, and ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of care.

At Scarisbrick International Residences, you never need to leave to go to a Nursing Home or Hospital (unless you need specialised treatment such as surgery, MRI etc.).

Spa and Wellness Clinic
Scarisbrick International Resorts focus on health and wellbeing and as part of this commitment we have developed a “State of the Art” Holistic Wellness Clinic, designed to maximize your enjoyment of life.

Our International Team of Experts will CHANGE your Life!!

International Hotel Appointments
We provide the kind of services you would expect in a luxury international hotel including 24-hour reception and concierge, serviced offices, VIP Security Service, Private Transport Services, 24/7 push button service (dining, butler, housekeeping, personal and care assistance), Scarisbrick International VIP Club and discounts, and more…

Health and Wellbeing
Enjoy an active and stimulating life-style at Scarisbrick Subic Bay Resort. Enjoy our world-class facilities including crystal clear swimming pools, fully equipped fitness area, personal massage and beauticians on call, as well as our Daily Wellness Programs.

Improve your quality of life and be in top shape. Scarisbrick International creates programs and activities that host opportunities for selfdevelopment.
We create access to numerous events, to develop your knowledge in numerous areas of interest and also provide personal activities such as cultural, sporting, and outdoor activities.


1) Leasehold title – 25 years (extra negotiable)
2) High Quality Luxury Furnished apartment Including Joinery and appliances to the kitchen, and bathrooms (Cooktop, Refrigerator)
3) 24/7 Push Button App for
1. Butler Service
2. Beauty Treatments (Hair, Skin, Nails)
3. Massage
4. Housekeeping
5. Laundry
6. In-apartment Care Services including the free monthly allocation of 2 hours per month accruable
4) Daily Wellness Program Activities
5) 24/7 Reception,
6) 24/7 Concierge Services
7) Restaurant use – 10% discount off regular price
8) Spa Services including Organized Seminars (Anti-Ageing, Anti-Cancer, Internal Cleansing etc.) -10% discount off regular price – free monthly allocation of 1 hour per week
9) Entertainment Centre/Membership to Scarisbrick Elite Club – Private Lounge, Private Cinema, Private Activities Lounge, medical/Spa/restaurant/affiliated services (salons,transport, etc.) discounts
10) Medical Centre & Clinique
11) 24/7 Security
12) Community Centre activities (singing, dancing, aerobics, Mahjong, art classes, religious activities, meditation, yoga)
13) Sports and recreation services (Gym,imming pool, beach volleyball)
14) Organised trips and functions
15) Valet bus and individual transport services
for shopping and medical appointments
16) Connection services to Hospital facilities
17) Executive Golf Club Membership at Anvaya Golf & Country Club

a. Individual Medical calls
b. Individual Spa services (massage, treatments etc.)
c. In-room Nursing over and above free monthly allocation
d. Meals and services from Dining & Restaurant
e. Metered Services:
i. Telephone
ii. gas and electricity
iii. household contents insurance.
iv. WiFi & Internet services
v. Personal Insurance
a. Each Purchaser will be required to pay a monthly Maintenance Fee to the Management Company to cover such costs as:
i. managing the Resort, including staff salaries
ii. maintaining the facilities and common areas available to all residents, such as gardens and recreational facilities
iii. providing additional services available to all residents, such as emergency call system monitoring.
iv. 10% will go to the Long -Term Maintenance Fund
v. Corporate Lease payments to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
vi. Home Owners Association fees
vii. Insurance cover for common property
b. The Monthly maintenance fee will be adjusted annually in accordance with the
published Consumer Price Index as issued by the Philippines Government’s appropriate Department
c. The Monthly Maintenance Fee may also be increased due to the factors set out below:
i. increases in salaries or wages paid in accordance with an award
ii. an increase in any taxes and charges relating to the Resort land or its use imposed by law
iii. The Maintenance Fee is payable until the Residence is sold at the end of the tenure.

Scarisbrick Subic Bay Floor Plans